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My Agenda

My Agenda is the Three Ps


Training to become and practicing as an architect is increasingly difficult today. Talent is universal and the RIBA must ensure opportunity is too,  into and upwards through our profession. Talent, drive and and ambition going to waste is a crime.  Schools of architecture and practices must come together – to challenge, support and make each other better.


I believe the RIBA can support practices to be become more cost effective by representing what architects do, increasing fees paid to practices by clients and helping reduce overheads – to look at their models of working and see what we can offer them. The RIBA could provide tools and training in essential business success, including marketing, sales, promotion and delivery, and differentiating their offer and that of competitors.


The RIBA must be stronger, on how it represents and champions you – more on the front foot, pushing on behalf of us all. It is the Royal Institute of British Architects, not Architecture. I’ll be seeking a referendum on the future of the RIBA, to allow all members to decide on the direction of the RIBA for the next 5 -10 years. The one constant is change. Whether we like it or not and our institution must move with the times and modernise. And it is about time we put the architect at the forefront of future activity. I want to get this done for you.