“Alan Jones… is a sincere critic and an architect who builds what he preaches….” 

Kieran Long, Architects’ Journal

RIBA members supporting me:

The following RIBA members have nominated me:

Andrew Ardill Alison Austin Lewis Bailie Jonathan Ball Julia Barfield Dan Benham Denise Bennetts Dagmar Binsted Ian Bott Andrew Bourne Keith Bradley Prof Stephen Brookhouse James Brown Prof Robert Brown Caroline Buckingham Cathy Buckley Rick Burgess Robert Burton Paul Cahillane Gareth Callen Susie Carson Adam Caruso Bhupinder Singh Chawla Alessandra Cianchetta Anthony Clerici Michál Cohen John Cole Charles Collett Gemma Collins Paul Crowe Paul Crowther Dr Joyce B Deans CBE Nicholas Deeming Tom Dollard Richard Dougherty Alex Durie Kris Eley Laura Evans David Evans Yvonne Farrell Lena Feindt Ben Fereday Peter Fisher Simon Fraser Gordon Gibb Aine Glackin Simon Gould Prof Don Gray Emma Gribble Alastair Hall Ian Halliday Martin Hare Nick Hayhurst Sir Michael Hopkins Lee Hosking David Howarth Stephen Hughes Norman Hutchinson Graeme Hutton Carol James Prof Tom Jefferies Brendan Kilpatrick Henry Kong Trevor Leaker Seamus Lennon Claudia Lynch Patrick Lynch Gerard MacCreanor Tarla MacGabhann Claude Maguire Prof Elena Marco Anne Markey Laura Marr Claire McAteer Frank McCloskey Joan McCoy Ronnie McDaniel Luke McDonald Michael McGarry Sarah McGonigle Kieran McGonigle Aidan McGrath Ian McKnight Julia McLoughlin Arif Mehmood Walter Menteth Peter Minnis Niall Monaghan David Morley Stephen Morris Peter Mouncey Andrew Mowat Valerie Mulvin Gordon Murray Emma Murtagh Zeke Osho Eric Parry Richard Partington Manisha Patel Fiona Patterson Guy Pearson Sophie Pelsmakers Vinesh Pomal Paul Richardson Kerr Robertson Prof Flora Samuel Scott Sanderson David Saxby Vishal Shah Emma Smart Gordon Smith Carl Southern Peter St John Peter St Julien Prof Michael Stacey Stephen Taylor Neil Taylor Bronwen Thomas Ambrose Tohill Peter Trebilcock Sean Tunney Cindy Walters Susan Ware Willie Watt Gary White Joel Wildgoose Sim Boon Yang

The following RIBA members and others within the industry have expressed their support for me:

Amanda Baillieu Darren Bray Ciara Gormley Roger Hawkins Glenn Howells Alun Jones Dave King Bronagh Lynch Iain McLellan Pedro Roos Edward Williams Ellis Woodman

August 2016 Result – a close second
with 44% of the final vote. Thanks
to all who supported me and
voted for me. A mandate to
continue pursuing my
election goals……

Alan Jones Architects: House, Randalstown – next to a grade A (1) listed oval church, RIBA & RSUA Awards, shortlisted for the RIBA Manser Medal.

The contexts of Alan Jones’s house include Randalstown but are also pan-European and intellectually diverse. This is a sign of a modern Ulster, no longer ‘on the edge’ but connecting with the wide world beyond….”

Dr Charles Rattray, within Modern Ulster Architecture (2006)

Why I’m standing?

The RIBA has the potential to be more nimble, relevant and engaging. My supporters believe I have the skills, enthusiasm and experience to lead the RIBA toward a better future; to be the inclusive, relevant Institute we need it to be.

Who supports me?


A selection of the RIBA Members who nominated me as a candidate for the election of President of the Royal Institute of British Architects 2017-19  is listed in my election statement published by the RIBA.

“I appreciate all the support I have received so far, and the time taken by many to complete nomination paperwork, encouraging others to also nominate me and providing testimonials and photographs.”

Unfortunately space for each candidate’s statement is set by the RIBA – so there was not room to list all my nominators and supporters, so everyone is identified at the top of this website.

Selection of nominators and their comments

Jonathan Ball RIBA

Co-founder of the Eden Project, Architect and writer | Nationally elected member of RIBA Council

Julia Barfield RIBA

Julia Barfield RIBA

Director, Marks Barfield, London, London Eye and Brighton 360°

“Alan Jones has an exceptional – even unique – range of skills to bring to the RIBA presidency. He is an RIBA award-winning architect in his own right with considerable, rich experience both in practice and academia at the highest levels. He is therefore able to bridge these two worlds, harnessing the best of both to effectively promote the value architects bring to society. He combines this with the marketing, political and emotional intelligence that is vital in any future RIBA president”.

Dan Benham RIBA

Architect, Visiting lecturer and tutor at the Welsh School of Architecture | Immediate Past President of the Royal Society of Architects in Wales | RIBA Role Model

Denise Bennetts RIBA FRIAS

Denise Bennetts RIBA FRIAS

Co-founder and director, Bennetts Associates, Edinburgh, Manchester & London

“Having known of and welcomed Alan’s work in developing an approach to architectural education which addresses established and new ways of working I met him when judging the 2016 RIBA & RIAS awards.  Four days of visiting projects across Scotland gave me the opportunity to also appreciate Alan’s broad range of experience in practice – large and established, emerging, full-time and part-time, Ulster and London, all producing successful, award winning projects. I support Alan’s candidacy and believe he will bring a commitment to making the RIBA a centre of stimulating and forward-looking debate which will engage with and address the opportunities for architects and architecture.”

Dagmar Binsted RIBA

Dagmar Binsted RIBA

Associate, Scott Brownrigg, London

“Alan Jones has shown his enthusiasm for collaboration, diversity and passion for education in many years on RIBA council. It is vital for the RIBA to deal well with the education reform. Having worked on council with Alan I have no doubt he has the vision and ability to drive change at the Institute.”

Andrew Bourne RIBA

Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England | Wessex Region Representative on RIBA Council

Keith Bradley RIBA

Keith Bradley RIBA

Senior Partner, Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios, Bath, Belfast, Manchester and London

Professor Stephen Brookhouse RIBA

Professor Stephen Brookhouse RIBA

Leader of the Postgraduate Diploma in Profession Practice (Part 3), University of Westminster, London

“I fully support Alan to be the next President of the RIBA. His insight and energy will be a breath of fresh air.”

Professor Bob Brown RIBA

Professor Bob Brown RIBA

Professor of Architecture, University of Plymouth | Member of RIBA Council and Plymouth Design Review Panel

“Alan is what we need for President. His horizons are broad, extended through his work as a successful and award-winning practitioner, an engaged member of the Institute providing a voice for the profession, and as an educator inspiring the next generation of architects. These experiences will enable him to reach across all tangents of the profession, while bringing a widely-respected intellect and passion to the Presidency”

Caroline Buckingham RIBA

Caroline Buckingham RIBA

Sharehold Director, HLM Architects, London

Chair of the Board of Directors, Llewelyn Davies, part of the HLM Group

Current RIBA Vice President – Practice & Profession

A Member of the RIBA Board

Paul Cahillane RIBA

Architect and Interior Designer, Jestico & Whiles, London

Gareth Callen RIBA

Gareth Callen RIBA

Director, Ryder Architecture, Liverpool

“Alan’s love for architecture has been unwavering since we met in 1982 at Queen’s University.  Always committed and passionate he has combined education with an exemplary CV of thought leadership and buildings of the highest quality.  Talented, engaging and driven, Alan has the ability to galvanise and steer the profession and institute forward and I welcome and support his candidacy.”

Adam Caruso RIBA

Adam Caruso RIBA

Co-founder and Partner, Caruso St John Architects, London & Zurich

“I have nominated Alan because I think that his longstanding and proven commitment to architecture is exactly what is needed in the RIBA today. He has brought an enormous idealism to his teaching and professional activities in Belfast, and has shown that encouraging a critical discourse about architecture is an important part of supporting and expanding the role of the profession socially and politically.”

Alessandra Cianchetta, RIBA

Alessandra Cianchetta, RIBA

Founding partner and director of AWP, Office for Territorial Reconfiguration, Paris & Basel

“I am certain that Alan is an ideal candidate for the RIBA Presidency and would be a great asset both for the RIBA and for the architectural community at large.  His background and broad range of interests and abilities, his energy, vision and drive make him the ideal President.  I highly and warmly recommend him”

Anthony (Ant) Clerici RIBA

Anthony (Ant) Clerici RIBA

Director, Clerici Design, Worcester

Regionally elected member of RIBA Council

Current RIBA Vice President Membership (Nations and Regions)

A member of the RIBA Board

Michál Cohen RIBA

Co-founder and director, Walters & Cohen, London | Joint winner of the inaugural Architects’ Journal Woman Architect of the Year Award (2012)

John Cole RIBA

John Cole RIBA

Independent Healthcare Procurement Consultant

RIBA Procurement Champion

Nationally elected member of RIBA Council



Managing Director, Todd Architects, Belfast, Dublin & London

President Elect of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects


Past President of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

Yvonne Farrell RIBA FRIAI

Yvonne Farrell RIBA FRIAI

Co-founder of Grafton Architects, Dublin

International Honorary Fellow of the RIBA

Simon Fraser RIBA

Simon Fraser RIBA

Senior Partner, Hopkins Architects, London and Dubai

Peter Fisher RIBA

Peter Fisher RIBA

Director, Bennetts Associates London | Design Fellow, University of Cambridge | Member of the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group

“Alan presents a positive and forward-looking case for dealing with the changes and challenges facing our profession.  That it is rooted in the relationship between education and practice is all the more reason to support his nomination.  The success of the profession relies on the quality of its graduates.”


Founder, Gibb Architects, Glasgow | Professional Practice lecturer and RIBA Part 3 examiner

Professor Don Gray RIBA

Professor Don Gray RIBA

Head of Kent School of Architecture | Chair of the Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture (SCHOSA)

“There has never been a more important time to promote the discourse between practice and education. Challenges to the “mainstream model” are emerging fast in the UK and the European mainland, and the danger for the profession is that closed minds can mean closed doors for those individuals for whom our current architectural education system remains inaccessible.

 Alan Jones practices what he preaches. His “Future Architects/Architects’ Future” presentation to SCHOSA at the recent Belfast conference could only have been presented by an individual with a genuine concern for and knowledge of the potential synergies which would result from genuinely closer ties between academia and practice: often discussed but too rarely executed.

 I know that Alan would pursue these goals to ensure that the profession was opened to the widest possible constituency while maintaining the highest standards in the profession. Innovation, renewal and regeneration as a policy, not a script.”

Alastair Hall RIBA

Co-founder and Partner, Hall McKnight Architects, Belfast and London

Martin Hare RIBA

Martin Hare RIBA

Managing Director, McAdam Design, Belfast | President of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects

“I have known and worked with Alan Jones since we studied architecture at Queens University Belfast over 32 years ago. He has always impressed me by his total dedication to the study and execution of architecture not simply as an art but in its widest context. He is not only passionate about good design but also the context in which good design flourishes. If he is elected as President of the RIBA he will conscientiously drive a positive agenda for both Architecture and Architects.”  

Nick Hayhurst RIBA

Founder and director, Hayhurst & Co, London | Part 2 Course Leader, University of Brighton

Sir Michael Hopkins CBE RA RIBA

Co-founder and Director of Hopkins Architects, London | 1994 RIBA Gold Medal – with Patty Hopkins

Lee Hosking RIBA

Associate, Arup Associates, Doha, Qatar

David Howarth RIBA

David Howarth RIBA

DRDH Architects, London

“It is without hesitation I endorse Alan Jones. Gaining a president who is a respected practitioner, an inspiring educator and enthusiastic agitator is not only welcome, but critical for the future of the RIBA. I am confident he would build on his vice-presidency to raise the profile of architectural education within the institute, placing the development of future architects at centre stage. A rethink into what 66 Portland Place means for debate, research and practice for all members is long overdue and I am enthused by Alan’s passion for returning our home into a space of inclusiveness, innovation and excellence.”

Professor Tom Jefferies RIBA

Professor Tom Jefferies RIBA

Head, Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester

“Architecture is facing significant challenges in a rapidly changing world. An innovative profession, supportive of and connected to leading edge education is vital to enable us to meet these challenges. Alan has the experience to understand how synergies between the profession and the academy can connect within a wide-ranging, critically aware and prominent dialogue. New opportunities, knowledge and models of practice must emerge, with RIBA being a key player to support these, a nexus for the profession and discipline of architecture.”

Brendan Kilpatrick RIBA

Brendan Kilpatrick RIBA

Senior Partner, PRP Architects, London | 2015 Building Magazine “Housing Project of year “ and “Architectural Practice of the Year”

“I met Alan Jones when we did our Part One year-out together in Belfast at the height of The Troubles in 1985-1986. Even though he was a young student at the time, he changed my view of all that is possible in the profession of architecture, eclipsing any memories of bombs and bullets going off in the background. Alan’s passion and energy for furthering all aspects of the profession remains undiminished”

Trevor Leaker RIBA

Director, AECOM

Seamus Lennon RIBA

Seamus Lennon RIBA

Studio Associate Director, IBI Group, Cheshire | Previously an associate with Sergison & Bates, London

“I have known Alan for 20 years as an intelligent, enthusiastic and committed architect and educator. At Queens’ University, Belfast he is a leader who has won great loyalty and respect from both students and staff through his commitment to them. As a practicing architect he has positively challenged the local hegemony in NI and empowered a generation of young architects to do the same. His role in the recent transformation of architectural culture in NI cannot be overstated. 
Alan’s breadth of experience, strength of personality and energy for the role allow me to wholeheartedly recommend him for RIBA President”

Claudia Lynch RIBA and Patrick Lynch RIBA

Claudia Lynch RIBA and Patrick Lynch RIBA

Lynch Architects, London

“Alan Jones is one of the few architects who have practised and taught the discipline of architecture to similar high standards. His commitment to design as a practical and cultural activity is inspiring. Generations of students at Queen’s have benefited from his rigorous and professional approach – and many of my colleagues were his students. Alan thinks deeply about our subject and he is not afraid of looking the future in the face. He is one of the few academics I know with the courage and foresight to engage with the broader context of architectural praxis, and one of the few designers I know who successfully combine tectonic skill with cultural literacy. His commitment to our profession is profoundly generous and clear-headed. We urgently require someone of his character and abilities to lead the RIBA.”

Gerard MacCreanor RIBA

Co-founder and Partner, MacCreanor & Lavington, London

Professor Elena Marco RIBA

Professor Elena Marco RIBA

Head of Department Architecture and the Built Environment | University of the West of England | Member of the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group

Anne Markey RIBA

Anne Markey RIBA

Director, Phelan Architects, London | Cass Projects, London Metropolitan University

“I first met Alan when he was a young practitioner at Hopkins. His nomination statement made reference to regularly attending the RIBA Young Lions lectures during that period, already demonstrating his inexhaustible appetite for knowledge. Alan has since become an experienced practitioner and erudite academic leader with much to contribute to an Institute with as yet untapped potential to shape the future of our profession and the education of our successors.”

Laura Marr RIBA

Laura Marr RIBA

Senior Architect, Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects, London

“When I was a director and project architect at Edward Cullinan Architects I was invited by Alan to be a design critic at his university. I stayed in his inspiring Randalstown house with an elect group of critics from London, Holland and Ireland. Since then I have followed his impressive news feeds on social media. Alan Jones is a great, untiring, ambassador for architecture and architects. With his passion and dedication, I think he would be an excellent RIBA President.”

Frank McCloskey RIBA

Frank McCloskey RIBA

Recently retired Director of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, Belfast

“While I was Director of the RSUA I worked with a total of 10 Presidents; Alan was the 9th from 2012 to 2014. The two things about him that impressed me most were his sheer capacity for work and the ease in which he addressed audiences, particularly large gatherings. During his Presidency of the RSUA, his day job was Director of Education in the School of Architecture at Queen’s and he was also running a practice. He carried out all these pursuits with a dedication that reflected his all-consuming love of architecture and put so much time and energy into each that I wondered if he ever slept. He also had the capacity to write and deliver speeches with an enviable assurance which I greatly admired. Whether he was addressing a bevy of students at the annual prize-giving (with the Vice Chancellor present) or an audience in the Waterfront Hall (from a particularly intimidating stage) at the RSUA Awards, he did so with an admirable articulation always finding the bon mot and with unexpected good humour. I wish him well in his bid to become the first Northern Ireland President of the RIBA.”

Joan McCoy RIBA

Joan McCoy RIBA

Recipient of Best Woman Architect, 2015 UK Women in Construction & Engineering Awards | Director, White Ink Architects, Belfast

“…Alan’s passion for Architecture is clearly evident in everything he does, but more than this – his passion for what architects can do and the value that they bring to society is key to why he would make an excellent president of the RIBA. Alan sees the possibility of success in whatever route each architect chooses to practice as shown in his ‘Success through Architecture’ initiative. He understands that the world is changing and that the RIBA needs to change with it – not only does it need to support architects that deliver the highest quality of design, but recognises that architects’ skills and influence in a range of roles can help create an environment for architecture to flourish”.

Ronnie McDaniel FRIBA

Ronnie McDaniel FRIBA

Vice Chair, The Architects’ Benevolent Society

“During Alan’s Presidency of the RSUA, I was pleased that he created the Senior Architects Group and the Young Architects Group, demonstrating his awareness of how architects need the support of each other, at different times of their career. Coupled with Alan’s breadth of experience, both within the RIBA and the RSUA, his obvious enthusiasm for architecture and our profession gives me great confidence in his ability as a future leader and President.”

Michael McGarry RIBA FRIAI

Michael McGarry RIBA FRIAI

McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects Dublin, and Adjunct Professor RMIT, Melbourne

“Alan brings real energy and dynamism to the RIBA and most importantly the critical ability to read and anticipate change in the profession and its key relationships with society and government. His Success through Architecture research initiative celebrated the diversity of practice that exists and revealed significant future directions for the discipline. His optimism and vigour are needed in an organisation that seeks to further influence policy makers in the UK and to develop the RIBA as the pre-eminent global venue for the discussion of architecture. Alan will lead the RIBA forward and upward as a dynamic energised organisation positively engaging with all. ”

Kieran McGonigle RIBA and Aidan McGrath RIBA

Co-founders and Partners of McGonigle McGrath Architects, Belfast

Ian McKnight RIBA

Co-founder and Partner, Hall McKnight Architects, Belfast and London

Julia McLoughlin RIBA

Julia McLoughlin RIBA

Principal, Ascough Architects, Surrey | RIBA Councillor for South-East region

“Alan is a talented and gifted architect. He has a wealth of experience in practice and in teaching. He is articulate and inquisitive. I believe he will represent the profession well, making the RIBA more relevant and of greater value to all its members. His innovative ideas and good communication skills make him an ideal candidate for the Presidency. He understands the current challenges facing the profession and has the vision and diplomacy to make a difference.”

Arif Mehmood RIBA

Arif Mehmood RIBA

Director, RMJM, Dubai

“Having had the opportunity to support setting up of Hopkins office in Dubai and more recently working for RMJM, which has an incredible legacy of renowned international work, one realises how effectively the architects together with the aviation industry have contributed to globalisation in a very short span of time. Alan understands that the RIBA needs to urgently engage with, and make itself relevant to, a global membership, for this change of mindset is required to build on the initiatives already in place.”

Walter Menteth RIBA FRIAS

Walter Menteth RIBA FRIAS

Walter Menteth Architects, London & Director Project Compass, London | Senior Lecturer Portsmouth School of Architecture | Nationally Elected Member of Council | RIBA President's Medal for Research 2015 and President’s Award for Practice-located Research 2015

“Alan’s refreshing breadth, depth and quality of eminent engagement in architectural culture across design, practice, and academia, and as President of the RSUA is unmatched. He also offers a necessary balance of integrity, foresight, idealism and pragmatic grit – indispensable for the advancement of the profession and architecture, and for a president of the RIBA”

Peter Minnis RIBA

Peter Minnis RIBA

Director, Todd Architects, Belfast, Dublin & London

Rob Mitchell RIBA

Rob Mitchell RIBA

Director, Mitchell Eley Gould, Bath | Teaching Fellow, University of Bath | RIBA Wessex Region Chair 2010 – 2012 & RIBA Councilor 2008 - 2014

“I shared a number of years on RIBA Council with Alan Jones and worked together on the RIBA Education Committee. Alan is an intelligent and thoughtful individual, and importantly interested in the opinion of others and prepared to stand by his own beliefs and priorities. He would offer a considered and thorough approach to the role of president, delivered in a personable and engaging manner and with the energy and enthusiasm needed to support the organisation.”

Niall Monaghan RIBA

Niall Monaghan RIBA

Studio Leader, Robin Partington & Partners, London

“Alan’s broad experience combining big projects, small practice and support for the industry alongside his determination and vision to inspire debate and raise standards within architectural education, means that he is perfectly placed to represent the diverse opinion of practitioners. His enthusiasm, open-minded approach and engaging personality will ensure that he ably represents and helps to raise the profile of the profession.”

David Morley RIBA

Founder and Partner, David Morley Architects, London

Valerie Mulvin RIBA RIAI

Co-founder and Partner, McCullough Mulvin Architects, Dublin

Gordon Murray RIBA PPRIAS

Gordon Murray RIBA PPRIAS

Director, Ryder Architecture, Glasgow, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Liverpool and London

“I have known Alan Jones for over 10 years. We first met formally as part of an RIBA Awards Jury and was gracious enough to invite me to stay in his newly completed house outside Belfast which in its simplicity and craft, was a signal of a new direction in architecture in N Ireland. Alan himself part of the new avant-garde. He was formed by the experience of working with Hopkins and with Morley and later made his own mark with thoughtful interventions and astute collaborations. In parallel, we also met in his role as RIBA VP Education and at SCHOSA meetings during his early years teaching at Queen’s. In those varied roles and with his long involvement with the RIBA he has become a champion for design as well as for the profession of architecture. He is both commentator and activist.   I commend Alan as a very able RIBA President from both practitioner and academic standpoints. Alive to all the possibilities inherent in both and yet only too aware of the contradictions. The profession is changing and education is changing. The profession must recognise that its future, our life’s blood, is embedded in the Schools of Architecture. The Institute requires someone at the helm who can see the continuum. Alan Jones is well placed to recognise that and to direct change accordingly. He is a good talker and a better listener”

Eric Parry RIBA

Founder and Principal, Eric Parry Architects, London

Richard Partington, RIBA

Richard Partington, RIBA

Founder and Principal, Studio Partington, London

“I first met Alan in a design review panel – his perceptive observations began with strategic issues and progressed to more detailed comments – all communicated in a very clear precise way. I understand he always works that way – and that’s exactly what the RIBA needs in a President.”

Sophie Pelsmakers RIBA

Sophie Pelsmakers RIBA

Founder of Architecture for Change | Author of the Environmental Design Pocketbook (2012) | RIBA Role Model

“It’d be great to have Alan as RIBA President and I fully support him to bring the change needed for all architects, not just RIBA members. Alan is highly regarded by young architecture students and his continued support of their future and his questioning of our professional role in a changing industry, and the role of the next generation of young architects within this world, is rightly placed at the forefront of his manifesto”.

Vinesh Pomal RIBA

Vinesh Pomal RIBA

Architect, Levitt Bernstein | RIBA Ambassador for Young Architects | RIBA Regionally Elected (London) National Councilor | RIBA Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee member

“How do you solve the ongoing debate about bridging the gap between academia and practice? The answer is Alan – an academic and an architect who understands the bigger picture.”

Kerr Robertson RIBA RIAS

Founder, Robertson Architecture + Design Ltd | Representative on RIBA Council for RIBA Scotland South

Professor Flora Samuel RIBA

Professor Flora Samuel RIBA

University of Reading | Nationally elected Member of RIBA Council | Chair of the RIBA Research and Innovation Group | RIBA President's Ambassador for Research and Innovation

Graham Saunders RIBA

Graham Saunders RIBA

Head, Shelter & Settlements | International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Geneva, Switzerland

“I welcome the broader engagement that Alan is proposing, both through the role of education and reaching out to those architects who are not members of the RIBA. I am a good example of such an architect for who the RIBA did not appear to be relevant to my work or to offer support or services that would be of benefit. His reference to Portland Place, and the contrast in the atmosphere in the mid/late 1980’s to today also resonates, and is perhaps emblematic of the need for a more inclusive and relevant role for the RIBA in the immediate future.”

David Saxby RIBA

Co-founder, Architecture 00, London | Member of the RIBA Education Committee

Gordon Smith RIBA RIAS

GGS Architect, Aberdeen | Representative on RIBA Council for RIAS North

Professor Michael Stacey RIBA

Professor Michael Stacey RIBA

Stacey Architects, London

“Alan Jones is fully committed to architecture, having in his career combined award winning practice and the teaching of architecture. He offers a clear vision of the advancement of architecture and the role of architects in contemporary society.”

Peter St. John RIBA

Co-founder and Partner, Caruso St John Architects, London & Zurich

Neil Taylor RIBA

Neil Taylor RIBA

Partner, Faulkner Brown Architects, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“I met Alan in the late eighties when he was the student representative on an RIBA Visiting Board which I chaired at the Cambridge School of Architecture. He was a memorable student member with strong views and a challenging character. We had a natural affinity in our belief that the profession needed to evolve rapidly to accommodate the evolving demands of society and to ensure that high quality design and high quality environments remain as central propositions to society. Alan has strived to ensure that architects’ education equips them to be central to the substantive issues society faces and not become more and more marginalised.  Alan has continued throughout his career to work passionately to keep architecture at the fore and has contributed to many fine buildings. He has maintained a challenging view of the architect’s role and this, allied to a wealth of rich experience, leads me to believe that Alan would make an ideal president to take on the challenges that the profession faces both internally and externally”.

Stephen Taylor RIBA

Stephen Taylor RIBA

Stephen Taylor Architects, London | Postgraduate design studio tutor, CASS

“Alan Jones’ experience as both practitioner and educationalist, as well as his capacity for critical thinking and artistic sensibility make him the ideal candidate for this important role.”

Ambrose Tohill RIBA

Central Procurement Directorate, Department of Finance and Personnel Government of Northern Ireland

Peter Trebilcock RIBA

Peter Trebilcock RIBA

Design and BIM Programme Director, Balfour Beatty, London | RIBA Council 1997-2003 and Vice President Membership 2001-3

“I support Alan’s candidacy for President as he realises the RIBA has to address how the architects role is being eroded and yet we (Balfour Beatty included) still need good architects and good design – but the profession is choosing not to take the lead in its collaborative role – if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Alan is a proven advocate of a wider profession with greater influence and impact”.

Cindy Walters RIBA

Co-founder and director, Walters & Cohen, London | Joint winner of the inaugural Architects’ Journal Woman Architect of the Year Award (2012)

Soo Ware RIBA

Director of Professional Studies, Bartlett School of Architecture, London | Board Member, Architects Registration Board, London

Willie Watt RIBA PRIAS

Willie Watt RIBA PRIAS

Director, Nicoll Russell Studios, Dundee | President of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

“Having worked with Alan whilst he was the President of the RSUA and ever since then, I recognise that he is a ‘doer’. He is a natural leader of the profession. He bridges both the worlds of practice and academia, he naturally understands the needs of the regions, metropolitan London and beyond. Alan will represent the many to realise ‘Success Through Architecture’. Having practiced in London and more recently in Northern Ireland on award winning work, he understands the trials and tribulations of practice and the profession at large. During his presidency of the RSUA he successfully tackled thorny issues such as procurement and the future of the profession whilst negotiating with government. As the current Vice President Education of the RIBA he recognises the need to steer the reform of architectural education to a successful conclusion to the benefit of students and the profession alike. I believe that Alan will lead us towards the creation of a modern successful profession, give us a strong voice and build on the efforts of many past presidents to re-establish the standing of the profession and thus the rewards which may be gained from being part of it. I am therefore delighted to nominate Alan Jones as a candidate for the RIBA presidency and I endorse his efforts”

Boon Yang Sim RIBA MSIA

Boon Yang Sim RIBA MSIA

Founding Director, Eco-ID Architects, Singapore

I have nominated Alan as he understands how the RIBA must become a truly international organisation, leading a global profession with a cosmopolitan membership.”

Selection of supporters and their comments

Amanda Baillieu

Amanda Baillieu

Architectural writer and critic, London | Founder of ArchibooLive | Editor-at-large for BuildingDesignOnline

“Good luck with your campaign – you have my support”

Alun Jones RIBA

Alun Jones RIBA

Co-founder and Director, Dow Jones Architects, London

Alan Jones is passionate about architecture and committed to it as a cultural, professional and educational pursuit”

Ciara Gormley RIBA

Ciara Gormley RIBA

Partner, PDP London | AJ award for Sustainable Practice of the Year in 2012 | Part 3 examiner at the University of Westminster

Dave King RIBA

Dave King RIBA

Co-founder of Shed KM, Liverpool

I’ll support you on this one Alan, best manifesto I’ve ever seen for this post…so good luck.

Roger Hawkins RIBA

Roger Hawkins RIBA

Co-founder and Partner, Hawkins Brown, London, 2016 AJ100 Practice of the Year | Chair of the RIBA Insurance Agency

Edward Williams RIBA

Edward Williams RIBA

Founder of Edward Williams Architects, London | RIBA Board Member and RIBA Honorary Librarian | Founding Board Member of the American Friends of the British Architectural Library | Previously an equity partner of Hopkins Architects, London

Glenn Howells RIBA

Glenn Howells RIBA

Glenn Howells Architects, London & Birmingham | Member of the West Midlands Regional Architecture Centre Advisory Board

“I first met Alan though my work at Queen’s University, Belfast. From the outset I was struck by Alan’s passion and commitment to architecture. It is his ambition to improve architecture through helping others rather than himself which makes him an outstanding candidate for the RIBA presidency.”

Ellis Woodman

Ellis Woodman

Director of the Architecture Foundation, London | Architecture critic of The Telegraph | Critic at large for the Architects’ Journal and Architectural Review

“Not an RIBA member but you would certainly have my backing if I were!”

I stand for an inclusive, diverse and global RIBA, supporting and celebrating excellence in London, the branches, nations and regions and within our international membership.
Alan Jones Architects and Glenn Howells Architects: New Alley Theatre and Conference Centre, Strabane, Co Tyrone – RSUA Award.

Who am I?

Alan Jones


I was a member of RIBA Council 2010-2014 and received a strong national vote for 2015-18.
I appreciate practice and education, and the differences between London and elsewhere.
10 years in practice in London, now in the RIBA Ulster region – teaching and practising.
Member and chair of many visiting boards to Schools of Architecture – UK and worldwide.
7 years with Michael Hopkins & Partners and 3 years with David Morley Architects.
Immediate Past President of the RSUA and member of RSUA Council since 1998.
Previously a judge of RIAS, RSUA and RIBA awards and the RIAS Doolan prize.
Currently RIBA Vice-President Education 2015-17.
A member of RIBA Board 2015-17.
Alan Jones Architects: Addition to a farmhouse, Cranfield, near Lough Neagh. RIBA and RSUA Awards. Published in the RIBA Journal.

Leading Practice

I appreciate that architects, clients and project teams define success in different ways.  My practice experience is varied in terms of scale and location and I have tried to make the most of where I am at that particular moment in time:

Alan Jones Architects, Northern Ireland

Founder & Director

Wallpaper*, 2008 “World guide to 25 Architects…” Daily Telegraph, 2008 “Top ten architects to design your new home”.

Office for a Coffee Importer, New Dwelling – Randalstown, Addition to Straidhavern School, New Alley Theatre, Strabane.

RIBA Awards 2007 & 1999, Manser Medal shortlist 2007, RSUA awards 2008, 2006, AAI Special Mention 2004.

Architecture Today, Domus, Blueprint, RIBAJ, Perspective, RIBA Architectural Insitu Concrete, Fibrecement: Technology & Design.

David Morley Architects, London (Building Young Practice of the Year 1998)


New Shop and ECB Headquarters, Lords Cricket Ground & New Accommodation at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

2 RIBA Awards 1997, British Construction Industry Awards – Highly commended & Special Mention 1997 Structural Steel: Commendation.

Michael Hopkins & Partners (Hopkins Architects)

London (RIBA Gold Medal 1994)


SavaCentre HedgeEnd, Schlumberger Cambridge Research (Phase 2), Façade & lighting for the New Inland Revenue Offices, Nottingham. RIBA Award 1992, 1994 Green Building of the Year Award: Highly Commended 1994 Concrete Society Award.

1994 Civic Trust Award for Energy 1994.

Brick Award: Best Commercial & Industrial Building.

Alan Jones Architects: Office for a Coffee Importer, Belfast. Special Mention, AAI Awards.

Inspiring Debate

Creating / organising / co-organising the following public events and publications

“Future Architects – Architects Future” – Annual Conference, UK Architecture Students Network, 2016

Proposed the theme, co-organised the speakers and delivered the introductory “keynote” talk to the day of presentations with students preparing “postcards from the edge”, sent to RIBA and ARB to inform the review of Architectural Education.

“Design as Research” – 2016

Annual SCHOSA Conference, Queen’s University Belfast (SCHOSA – represents the majority of schools of Architecture in UK and Ireland) – How research and design can be developed together for the benefit of architects / graduates, students and universities.

“Disruptive Design Practice – how should architects operate after the recession” 2015

Cliff Moser, USA – author of “Architecture 3.0” – Arranged a three city speaking tour – Belfast, Edinburgh & Manchester.

“Everything an architect needs to know about marketing” 2014 Public lecture and discussion

Architectural marketing guru Paul Iddon presented essential marketing strategies for architectural practices.

“In Architecture it is a long road to success – but what does success look like?” 2014

Adrian Dobson, Director of Practice at RIBA, exploring the many routes in architecture that are rewarding and profitable.

“Irish Eyes are smiling – Conviction that the recession is over….” RIBA J 2014

A review by Alan Jones, published in the October 2014 issue of RIBAJ, of how N Ireland is an ecosystem of architectural practice exhibiting various modes of operation – from big city cut and thrust to rural calmness, exquisite craft to smart commercialism.

“Future Practice – conversations from the edge of architecture” 2013   Talk and discussion

Rory Hyde, author of the book (Routledge) of the same name, outlined his research on new forms of practice.

“Architecture but not as we know it… seven potential futures – which do you want?”   2012

Seven speakers giving their perspective on working through and out of the recession…David Saxby (Architecture 00 London), Simon Foxell (The Architect’s Practice), Peter Trebilcock (Balfour Beatty), Neil Baxter (RIAS Edinburgh), Michelle Fagan (FKL Architects / President RIAI Dublin), Willie Watt (N Russell Studio, Dundee & RIBA Procurement Reform Group), Brendan Kilpatrick (PRP London) and conclusions Michael McGarry, McGarry Ni Eanaigh Architects, Dublin / Queen’s University Belfast).

“The Value of Architecture and Architects” 2012 Four presentations and a discussion

From competition to Reality”- Alastair Hall (Hall McKnight Belfast & London), “Commissioning, creating and using the Metropolitan Arts Centre” Anne McReynolds (Client of the £18M MAC, Belfast), “Research and the practice of architecture”, Elanor Warwick (Previously Head of Research at CABE), “The value of architecture and architects” – Shane O’Toole (renowned author and critic).

“The value of an architecture policy” 2012

Presentation by Alan Jones to the Architecture & Design All Party Working Group, Scottish Parliament, 2012.

“Toward an Architecture: Ulster” 2008 with design historian Dr David Brett

Instigator and co-author of this book, exploring history, climate, material and place – reviews by John Tuomey and Kieran Long.

“Re-engage Research” and “The difference between know-how and know-that”

International conference papers exploring the relationship between practice, knowledge, research, expertise and innovation.

Alan Jones Architects: House for an American Couple, near Portglenone, Co Antrim.  Published in Perspective and Grand Designs Magazine.

Maintaining standards and identifying excellence

Design Review

Reviewing major planning applications of prominent projects, as a design expert for the Ministerial Advisory Group, Department of Culture Arts & Leisure, appointed 2008, renewed 2015.

Judging Awards

RIAS / RIBA Awards for Scotland – member of the short-listing and judging panel 2016 – with architects Denise Bennetts and Willie Watt.

RIBA President’s Medals, Bronze and Silver, 2015 – judging panel – with Niall McLaughlin, Roisin Heneghan, Kate Goodwin and others.

RIBA Awards Assessor 2005 & 2006, invited 2014 – judging panel, with Gordon Murray and others.

Scottish Architecture in Education Awards 2013 – with Andy McMillan and others.

The Andrew Doolan Award for New Architecture In Scotland – judging panel 2008, with Arnie Dunn, Marjorie Appleton, Andy Burrell.

Determining eligibility

Member of the RIBA Membership Eligibility Assessment Panel, reviewing international applications for RIBA chartered membership

Previous member of the ARB Assessment Panel, reviewing international applications for equivalence to ARB (RIBA) Parts 1 & 2.

Reviewing Schools of Architecture

Invited external examiner University of Dundee 2014-2018 Manchester School of Architecture 2008-2012.

Invited external expert support periodic review of architecture courses at the universities located in Bath, Leicester and Cardiff.

Beginning as a student member of ARB/RIBA visiting boards, I have been a member, co-chair or chair of numerous RIBA visiting boards to Schools of Architecture – at a national and international level – from 1989 through to the most recent as the chair of the 2013 / 15 visits to the University of Westminster.

Alan Jones Architects: Proposal for a house for Cloughwater Valley, Co Antrim. Design and planning approval only appointment. Now constructed.

Investing in the profession

Royal Society of Ulster Architects

President of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects 2012-14, creating a development plan 2012-16, the Young Architects Group and the Senior Architects Group.

I managed an enhanced gender balance on council during my presidency. Council member Royal Society of Ulster Architects (1998-2016).

Royal Institute of British Architects

Strategic leadership and direction

Since September 2015 I have been part of the RIBA Board that has been reviewing the strategic direction, leadership and resourcing of the Institute, linking the 2016-2020 Vision developed by and through Council to activities and principles.

Member of the Advisory Group to the Value of Architects Research Project (2016-17), led by Prof Flora Samuel.

Contributing to the activities and debates in RIBA Council

Joint highest final number of votes in the 2015 National RIBA elections.

RIBA Nationally Elected member of RIBA Council 2015-18.

Presentation “ The upward spiral – practice / research / teaching/ practice”.

RIBA Council 2012-14 – as President of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects.

RIBA Ulster (RSUA) Regional Representative RIBA Council 2010-12.

Raising the research agenda

RIBA Research and Innovation Group, London – member (Since 2010).

RIBA Research Grants and Trust Committee, London – member (2011-15).

I made the initial suggestion for RIBA to begin its Research Department.

Informing the direction of architectural education

RIBA (Hon) Vice-President (Education) (2015-17).

National RIBA Education Committee (2001-12).

RIBA (Hon) Vice-President (Education) (2001-2).

Developing the Architects of Tomorrow

Director of Education (Architecture) Joint Head of Architecture, Queen’s University Belfast 2008 – Present

Creator and leader of Success through Architecture, a role model project with185 students and 70 participants from practice and industry

Senior Lecturer and tutor design, technology and professional skills Queen’s University Belfast 2008 – Present

Teaching Award for a masterplan project involving 50 final year students, H&W Property Ltd and Fred Olsen, renowned global industrialist.

Guest design critic at Bath University, TU Delft, University of Cambridge, Mackintosh School of Architecture

Member of the working group that composed “The Architect of tomorrow” publication

Co-author and introduction to the RIBA Criteria for Validation, used until 2011.

What I stand for

Thought, debate, innovation and critical discourse

The RIBA must:

  • become a focus for discourse, research and innovation around the core subject of architecture and the changing nature of how it is created

  • inform and inspire current and future members and supporters beyond 66 Portland Place

  • incorporate leading contributors from other institutes

  • engage actively with politics, setting up a system of RIBA spokespersons and experts

  • continue to develop RIBA’s role by developing a critical publishing house


Representing architects

Promoting architecture and architects:

  • improve the opportunities for good architecture, regionally, nationally and internationally

  • demonstrate the evidence of the value of architects and the benefits of good fee levels

  • serve the needs of members in established and new enterprises, and throughout working practice; acknowledging, understanding and celebrating different forms of success

  • ensure the RIBA becomes more representative, aware of why some choose not to join


Understanding the needs of the profession

Engaging with, and learning from, changes in practice:

  • across the diverse range of practices and practitioners

  • as more architects locate themselves outside traditional practice and within other bodies


Leading regionally, nationally, internationally

Utilising the strengths of the RIBA network:

  • to empower and support its network of members globally

  • by reviewing funding of the network, to allow medium-term financial planning


Educating architects of the future

Future architects and future architecture:

  • drive forward the Review of Architectural Education

  • ensure that an architect’s education, expertise and passion places them within practice

  • promote the relationship between excellence in architectural education and the success of the profession

  • engage with leading practice and trends in environmental design, business skills, entrepreneurship, fostering greater professionalism.

  • stimulate debate on the attributes of ‘the new architect’ in conjunction with schools of architecture

  • explore the possibilities of combining work and study/apprenticeships as a low-cost alternative to full-time study at university


Reviewing and improving

Less autonomy, more transparency:

  • review the RIBA awards to protect their continued relevance across the globe

  • review other aspects of management and leadership


Leading towards 2020

Our institute, our profession:

  • inspire staff and members to realise the potential of the new agreed 2016-2020 Vision

  • forge new connections and alliances between practice, research and education

The Detail

“I have found the seven hustings events very informative, listening to members in the branches, nations and regions about what they believe is important and needs to be addressed. I have noted the points raised and opinions given and I will find ways to weave them into my plans.”
Alan Jones RIBA

Where are you?

I am inspired by The New Architects Atlas*, a representation of the new post recession  world of architects, Some architects remain on the fragile and decreasing ice cap of the “traditional” architectural office, others are located in “new architectural practice” and in newer, related areas of communications building, education, urbanism, technology, civil society and government. Whilst two thirds of RIBA members are located within “practice” and remain the core focus of the RIBA, as President I will acknowledge the “extended profession” and they can influence, support and celebrate the value of working with architects and creating architecture.

I will emphasise to RIBA Practice and Enterprises  that they need to provide support, advice, publications and other resources that support members and practice in the latest forms of practice. Architectural schools and graduates will need to ensure they are focussing on “new architectural practice” with a greater emphasis on the value  and values of architecture, business, ethics and entrepreneurship to maximise the potential of future members, the creation of architecture and the profession.

I firmly believe in creating and supporting “the expert architect”, as my experience confirms, and many I have spoken do agree, that such an architect can be given the “creative space” to operate appropriately.

*by Martti Kalliala and Hans Park, 2010

I will drive forward the RIBA Review of Architectural Education and defining “The New Architect” with schools of architecture, engaging with leading practice and trends, including business, entrepreneurship, greater professionalism and environmental design. Sources such as the one above, by Sophie Pelsmakers, is one of a number of key texts that I will ask RIBAE to make more readily available within universities through electronic format, introducing students to RIBA as a hub of information and debate – enhancing graduates and the potential future of our profession.

I ensure continuation of this important work led by past president Stephen Hodder. The current survey is has been very successful and RIBA must use this research to make a clear evidence-based case to government, clients and funders of how architects and the architecture they help create add value to projects, business and society. Schools of architecture must lead a greater engagement with client-orientated problems and the profession and industry must learn from less positive client experiences. Students and architects becoming even more focused on “process” and less so on “product” will pay long term dividends for those within and entering the profession. Identifying, managing and leading aspirations, design parameters and performance from briefing to completion and occupation will give confidence that post occupancy evaluations confirm agreed performances are being achieved.

During 2015 I arranged for the California based author Cliff Moser to speak in Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast – as his book highlights how architects and the profession are changing and need to continue to do so to ensure survival and evolution. I will ensure such thinking informs the RIBA, in how it supports practice and defines the education of our future members.

This book by Leeds-based Bauman Lyons articulates the dilemmas, rapid change and decisions faced by architects, the ways architects can work and how architects should exercise more influence over the state of the profession. This book inspires me and I aim that it also inspires and informs the staff and other members of the RIBA.

The RIBA often seems to have a short memory and that it looses momentum on important findings and recommendations. The writings of past President Francis Duffy and his colleague John Worthington were prophetic, published in the 1980s and 90s. They suggested redefining the plan of work and the need for architects to become more knowledgeable, informed and professional. They identified six different types of architect within practice-based business and business-based practice and warned against focusing on what we now refer to as “starchitects”. I advocate an exploration and understanding of the contemporary roles of the architect in practice, and how the RIBA can provide support to them and celebrate a wider set of definitions of success.

I agree with Rory Hyde’s suggestions that architects will find it very difficult to remain in “traditional practice” and to “retreat to the drawing board” thinking that doing the same thing faster or better will ensure survival. The vision set out in this book aligns to greater collaboration, a greater role for architects, including designers of buildings, to that of “custodians of the built environment”. I wish to debate with leaders of practice and architecture schools Hyde’s suggestion that future architects will focus, “ on the quality of the city as a whole, rather than the acquisition of new projects to fuel an office or leave an authored mark, forging a new era of civic responsibility and ethical entrepreneurialism”.

For a number of years I have been interested in leadership and the difference between leading a business such as a private practice and an institution, such as the RIBA.

The front cover and leading articles in the September 2015 issue of the Harvard Business Review highlight how design thinking is becoming central to major business. Problem solving, being innovative, progressing projects with accepted unknowns are all part of architectural design thinking. This publication highlights how creative design thinking is necessary and valued in the contemporary world.

Alan Jones Architects: Three classroom addition to a primary school, Aldergrove, Co Antrim. Published in Architecture Today, reviewed by Patrick Lynch.


“The work of the practice is underpinned by a clear sense of refinement of simple themes and components – even under modest budgets there is a sense of precision and particularity, which is especially apparent in the elements of furniture designed by the practice.”
New Architects 2 – A Guide to Britain’s best young architectural practices.
“Alan Jones Architects are… producing buildings that include some of the most significant in this region during recent years despite their relatively modest scale.” 
Perspective : The Journal of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects.
“…. by looking at the exiting conditions in which he works and thinking about how it could be represented in a manner that mines the meagre surroundings for maximum effect, this…architect is showing an alternative way of creating architecture….”
Aaron Betsky, Critic, Author and previously Director of The Netherlands Architecture Institute, writing on the Office for a Coffee Importer.
“Jones… is a sincere critic and an architect who builds what he preaches….” 
Kieran Long, Editor, Architects’ Journal, 2008.

Hustings in England

Arranged by RIBA, 66 Portland Place

As for those who cannot make the hustings, and for Wales, Scotland, Ireland (North and South) and the rest of the world……the hope is that  the some of the events will be made accessible (following my suggestion) by recording and sharing online  – next time around it would be great if they were even more interactive and inclusive.

Dates for the hustings events and the Eventbrite links for each one

20 June –  Newcastle – Contact Amanda Khan

22 June – Liverpool – Contact Andrew Ruffler

27 June –  Bristol – Contact Jon Watkins

28 June – Birmingham – Contact Matthew Dobson

30 June  – London – Contact Azlina Bulmer

Contact Alan

Email: alan@successthrougharchitecture.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 771 386 3115